Albemarle Land & Timber  Services, Inc.


Albemarle Land & Timber Services has a fully licensed Registered Forester and Consulting Forester to assist land owners in their objectives of land management, timber management and timber sales.  The Southeastern United States has in recent years become one of the top timber producing areas in the country as well as the world. Let us help you develop a management regime to maximize the return on your valuable timberlands. We also specialize in selling standing timber at harvest time on a sealed bid basis or a contract basis to take full advantage of competitive timber markets, thus maximizing your dollar.

Albemarle Land & Timber Services offers a full range of services to help our customers manage their timberlands. We offer reforestation services, with several tree planting contractors available. Thinning is another important service, and a large part of good forest management. Thinning insures that younger timber has the space it requires to grow.  We cruise timber for valuation, taxation, and sales purposes.  We also paint boundary lines.  We specialize in all of these management practices and more.

The main focus of our Timber Services division is to help landowners maximize their monetary return when it is time to harvest standing timber. Looking at each tract to determine the needs of the individual tract we determine the direction as a suggestion to the landowner.  Boundary lines, Stream Side Management Zones (SMZ), or special interest areas, which need protection have to be identified and dealt with according to the needs or laws associated with the special area.  At the sale, we try to identify problem areas to limit the impact to the tract of land during the harvesting of the timber.  The next step is to locate the boundaries of the tract and appraise the timber.  We then decide, based on market conditions and landowner objectives, when the optimal time to sell will occur.  Once the sale "timeline" is established, Albemarle Land & Timber Services then holds a sealed bid sale or a contract sale for the timber. This sale attracts the top local timber companies to bid for harvesting rights, which insures top dollar is paid for the timber.

 A tax basis in the timber is also looked at during this time.  A tax basis in the timber, either through the purchase of the tract or inheritance of the tract, could possibly reduce the amount of tax due for capital gains after the sale of the timber.  A Registered Forester is usually needed to determine this amount for the landowner.  

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